What is your “big picture” ?

1 February

Even as children, people create this big picture in their minds — a reflection of how they envision their life to be. Whether your big picture is similar to what’s called the Australian Dream (home ownership as the key to a better life) or...[Read More]

The benefits of having life insurance to protect your family

1 February

For some people, a major reason for beginning to prepare for life’s ‘what if’ scenarios is starting a family. If your primary concern is taking care of your family, life insurance is an excellent option. It makes sure that your loved ones are...[Read More]

Retirement planning tips and mistakes to sidestep

1 February

Whether you’re in your 30s, 40s, or 50s, the importance of retirement planning cannot be overstated. Starting early allows you to build a secure financial foundation for your retirement years. However, the strategies and concerns differ based on...[Read More]

South Australia nabs top spot in state economic ranking

1 February

South Australia has overtaken other states in economic performance at a time when all corners of the nation are feeling the weight of price pressures and higher interest rates. The top mark was the first for SA in the 14-year history of CommSec’s...[Read More]

Sloppy sun safety putting young people on slippery path

1 February

Sloppy approaches to sun safety are leading young Australians down a slippery path, with a skin cancer awareness campaign delivering a timely slap on the wrist. Three in four 18 to 30-year-olds believe they are unlikely to develop skin cancer over...[Read More]

Shoppers in retreat after Black Friday boost

1 February

Cash-strapped shoppers snapped up discounted gifts during the Black Friday sales, bringing spending forward and leading to a muted December for retailers. Australian retail sales plummeted 2.7 per cent in the final month of 2023, more than unwinding...[Read More]

Scam alert: Jobs and ‘side hustle’ scams

1 February

Background Scammers are using fake job ads to attract job seekers looking for extra income. Of all scam types, jobs and employment scams grew the fastest in 2023, costing Australians $24.7 million. This has almost tripled losses from these scams...[Read More]

NSW looks to poach from SA with regional-living push

31 January

A NSW push to poach interstate essential workers has been dismissed by South Australia as a desperate effort to fill the more populous state’s skill “chasms”. The Make the Move Campaign is aimed at boosting the number of essential workers in...[Read More]

The difference between shares and bananas

25 January

In the world of investing, stocks and bonds often take centre stage. They represent two of the most common types of investments, each offering unique benefits and risks. As an investor, understanding stocks vs. bonds is key to building a diversified...[Read More]

10 brilliant money-saving tips

25 January

Are you looking to build up your savings for the future, but don’t know how or where to start? Check out these money-saving tips you can apply today.   Whether you’re looking to save money for financial security, investment, a future purchase...[Read More]

Inspiring Australians gather as they vie for top honour

25 January

Community leaders, educators, volunteers and medical researchers are among finalists descending on Canberra for the Australian of the Year awards. The winners of the four categories of the prestigious national gong will be announced on Thursday,...[Read More]

PM looking for extra dollars for those ‘doing it tough’

25 January

Australians are holding out hope for hip pocket relief after the prime minister fast-tracked the start of the political year for cost-of-living discussions. Since the end of the COVID-19 lockdowns, prices have surged for everything from rents to the...[Read More]

New rules warn of AI data poisoning, attacks and theft

25 January

Australian businesses are being warned by the nation’s leading cybersecurity organisation about threats to privacy, property and attacks on their operation due to the use of artificial intelligence technology. The Australian Signals Directorate...[Read More]

Australia’s population tips over 27 million

25 January

Australia’s population has surged to more than 27 million as births and migrants arriving outstrip deaths and residents leaving the nation. The Australian Bureau of Statistics population clock tipped over the mark on Wednesday and continues to...[Read More]

Subsidy for new treatment of ‘national cancer’ melanoma

24 January

Australians paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for advanced melanoma treatment could soon see their costs slashed. Every year 20,000 Australians receive a melanoma diagnosis, and every six hours a patient will die from skin cancer. But...[Read More]